How relationships work

How relationships work

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Qualities of a good friend

In today’s fast paced world where relationships are losing their importance and life is becoming increasingly mechanical, it is very difficult to find people who are real and genuine. ‘Good friends’ is a term long forgotten and making such friends is turning in to only a dream. There are very few people who can count their ‘real’ friends; friends who are true and good. In such a world where it is becoming difficult to find a good friend, people are also losing the eye for detail. It is becoming more and more difficult to identify who is a good friend and who is not. For this purpose I bring you a small guide that includes all the qualities of a good friend.

·         A good friend accepts you the way you are: This is one thing that is the main distinguishing point between a usual friend and a good friend. A good friend will accept the way you are and will never want you to change. At the end what matters to him/her is you as a person.

·         A good friend is honest and sincere: A good friend will always say what he/she believes in. they will be honest to you no matter what. A friend who is honest and is sincere in maintaining the friendship is definitely a good friend.

·         A good friend will do what is good for you: A good friend will not necessarily say all the good things to you and be overtly nice. He/she will say and do what is right and beneficial for you. They will think about your welfare.

·         A good friend always supports: Support is one thing that you can always expect from a good friend. Regardless of who supports you and who doesn’t, a good friend will always support in what you believe in and will be by your side forever.

·         A good friend is selfless: He/she will never keep a count on what all good things he/she did and how many acts of welfare are pending from your side. A good friend does good things selflessly and is not obsessed with his/her own benefit. He/she does all the good things and forgets because that is what they think is friendship all about.

·         A good friend is happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad: A good friend relates to you and feels for you. When you are happy he/she will double your happiness by being equally happy and when you are sad they will divide your sadness by being there for you and letting you share things with them.

So if you have a friend who has all of these qualities in him/her, treasure them. Such friends indeed are rare to get.

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