How relationships work

How relationships work

Saturday, 23 July 2011

5 Tips on what not to do on your first date

We have often read many dating tips on where to go on a first date and how to make your first date special, but this time I have put together a guide that will explain what you must not do on your first date. If you pay attention to all the little details you can end up making your first date very special and memorable.

1.       For most guys as they hear the word ‘date’, the first thing that pops up in their mind is physical intimacy. Any guy who is just looking for reasons to hold hands or touch her is actually disrespecting the girl. So all you guys out there go with the flow and see if the girl is any bit interested before jumping on to the ‘main part’ of the date.

2.       Girls love discussing things, gossiping and chatting. This is only good as far as you don’t bore your partner. Talking too much about your past relationships or bitching about the girls around you might bore your guy to death. Avoid talking about your ex and concentrate on the current guy; also avoid bitching about other girls and concentrate on your own date instead.

3.       Guys like showing off their sense of humour by cracking jokes thinking the girl likes it. Here it is important to note and sense what the girl is feeling. Going overboard with your jokes or cracking those poor jokes will definitely turn off the girl. Another thing to note here is never make girls the butt of your jokes; after all you too are dating a girl! Stop showing your pride in being a guy as the girl will walk away and never come back.

4.       All you girls out there avoid being overtly conscious and checking repeatedly how you are looking as this might turn the guy off. Be confident of who you are and how you are carrying yourself. Be comfortable in what you are wearing and carry it off with style and the right amount of attitude.

5.       Being courteous and respecting a woman are the true qualities of a man. So guys keep your manners in check and behave well in front of the girl you’re dating to avoid turning her off. Show off your gentlemen skills to maintain her interest in you.

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