How relationships work

How relationships work

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5 tips on how to be friends with ex

Being friends with your ex is not an easy job. Your break up with your ex happened due to lack of compatibility and understanding; now being in a cordial relationship with the same person is definitely a tough job. No break up happens very smoothly with any disagreements. Disputes and arguments are bound to happen when you’re breaking up. But it is also very essential that you stay on cordial terms with your ex as you might cross paths in life later, or could be friends to retain the sweetness in the relationship without any awkwardness. What if your ex works in the same company where you do? Then it is all the more important to be on good terms with your ex.
You might be wondering how it is possible. For this few tips have been given below.
1.       Being friends with your ex would mean a cordial and easy break up. If you have gone through such a break up, well and fine, but in case you’ve argued and ended the relationship on not a very good note, it would mean you better patch up soon. For a patch up you must apologise for the mess that was created during your break up with him/her.
2.       Apologising would mean giving adequate reasons and explanations and then giving time for your ex to think over it. Don’t be impatient.
3.       When you are trying to be cordial again with your ex, state your intention clearly. Tell him/her that you feel sorry for the mess and just want to have a cordial relationship so that there is harmony between both of you. In such a way your ex would understand the real reason behind the patch up. In case you’re in the same office just explain that you would not want you and his/her professional lives to get affected hence it is needed that you both enter a cordial relationship and forget what happened in the past.
4.       It is very important to make it very clear to your ex that you are not going to flirt with him/her again and just want to be friends with no romantic involvement.
5.       For best results frank, open and simple approach would be sufficient to build a cordial relationship with your ex. Don’t be too fancy in your approach or try beating behind the bush or flattering your ex too much. Be clear and straight forward.
The way you approach or deal with your ex matters a lot as it determines how cordial your relationship is going to be.

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