How relationships work

How relationships work

Saturday, 2 July 2011

What guys check out in a girl first?

Just as men think its difficult to understand women, girls too wish to know what kind of women men get attracted to. If you are curious to know the same and have been wondering about the same from quite sometime now, here are the list of things that men check out in a girl-

Off course her assets!

Men will be men. Let’s accept that this is the first thing all guys notice in a girl. They might do it tactfully so that the girl doesn’t come to know or do it unabashedly; but they do notice!

Her long flowing cascades…

Hair is one of the things that attract guys. Most guys are fond of long beautiful hair. A girl with such hair will never go unnoticed by any guy (forget hair, no girl goes unnoticed by guys!).


This is something guys easily make out. They can easily sense if the girl is uncomfortable in what she is wearing or carrying. So a confident girl with the right amount of attitude and style WILL have many eyes checking her out.

What she wears

Yes, girls notice other girls’ outfits and measure each other’s fashion quotient. Guys see it the other way. They notice what a girl wears and make an opinion of her. What she wears and how she carries herself ARE noticed by guys (whether they admit or not!).

Sense of humour!

A girl with a great sense of humour is an eye candy for most guys. They just love to crack up on her jokes as this makes them enjoy her company to the fullest. They assume that a girl with a good sense of humour has a lighter and chilled out attitude towards life and that she is not among the panicky girls.

These are the things that guys notice and get attracted to in a girl when they meet her for the first time.

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