How relationships work

How relationships work

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

How to get back with your ex-boyfriend

Do the beautiful memories of the days spent with your ex-boyfriend make you cry inconsolably? Have you just not been able to concentrate anywhere and keep thinking about him all the time? Do you regret the decision of breaking up with your boyfriend? If the answers to even anyone of the questions stated above is a yes, you need to get back with your ex-boyfriend now! Yes you heard that right! Everyone makes mistakes and breaking up with your boyfriend is a part of those mistakes. So stop sulking and get ready to patch up with your ex!
Now the big question that arises here is HOW? Yes here is the answer to the question.
The first rule of getting back with your ex-boyfriend is not to chase him but slowly make your way into his heart forever. If you chase him or show your desperateness to get back with him, he will run away from you. Nobody likes to be chased all the time. So as you plan to get back with him, give him a call. If you feel hesitant in calling him up straight away, text him a simple message expressing your desire to talk to him. If he responds, great but if he doesn’t, wait for a day or two and give him a call. Remember your each step should have a few days’ gap in between so that it doesn’t seem that you are desperate to get back with your boyfriend.
As he agrees to meet you, meet at a calm place where there is not much of a crowd as you would want to talk peacefully with him. On meeting him, tell him how you’ve been thinking about the day you broke up. Tell him that you feel really sorry about the whole episode. Tell him that you believe it wasn’t his fault completely and you had been quite unfair in dealing with him the same day. Tell him how bad you feel for the harsh words you uttered for him and that they must have hurt him badly. Apologise for the incident, also remember not to start begging for mercy. Just say what is required and never be too clingy.
Now tell him that you would want to forget everything and want him too to try forgetting whatever happened. Ask him for his opinion on the matter. It should be a two way conversation so don’t do all the talking and let him speak his heart out. Encourage him to speak what he feels. Empathise with him and show your concern for his feelings. When you feel he has spoken his true feelings, tell him your desire to start afresh with a cordial relationship of friendship. Don’t jump on to love! Start with friendship. He won’t deny your offer. Tell him to think about it and it is not necessary for him to answer at that moment itself. Give some time to him. He will be pleasantly surprised with the space you are giving him and not being too pushy.
As he agrees for a friendly relationship, promise to yourself not to repeat the same old mistakes you made last time. Never nag him. Be his good friend. Don’t preach him all the time. Give him his required space. Never show your insecurity or an irritated behaviour when he talks to a girl. If he is not in a mood to meet or talk someday, let him have his way. Show your changed behaviour. After all, he also deserves his required space and freedom just as you do.
When you start feeling that quite a lot of days have passed by and he has become a great friend of yours and started being very comfortable and happy with you, show your love to him subtly. He will catch your signs. Flirt with him a little and he will know what you feel for him. As and when he starts reciprocating the same feelings and flirts back with you, after a few days sit with him and let him know that you would like to date him again and give your relationship a second chance. Show your feelings strongly and give him time to think about it. Tell him to take his own sweet time before he lets you know. Have patience; he will get back with you.
If you follow all the steps correctly, who knows, he may be the one to ask you to date him again! So start following the above given steps and get back with your ex-boyfriend in no time!

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