How relationships work

How relationships work

Thursday, 16 June 2011

5 Kinds of women men get most attracted to!

It is a well-known fact that men seem to get easily attracted by women but do you know that there are certain kind of women men cannot resist at all? Yes you read that right! The 5 irresistible kinds of women for men are given below.
1.       The kitchen master- A famous adage says, ‘The shortest way to man’s heart is through his stomach”. This is true. Men adore those women who are cooking champions. The best way to impress a man is through a delicious meal. These are the kinds of women men cannot resist at all and are bound to fall for.
2.       Just like his Momma- Every man’s perfect woman is his mother. The girl, a guy would like to settle with must have a reflection of his mother. The caring and affectionate woman, in whom a man sees his mother, is the perfect one for him and nothing would ever do her apart from him.
3.       Finance manager- Men mostly are careless when it comes to saving money. They seldom think about the future and believe in living life today to the fullest. This keeps them from saving money. A woman who looks after a man’s savings and spends money wisely is most adored by men. As most men consider women to be spendthrifts and shopaholics who burn men’s pocket and shell out their money; a woman who believes in saving money will be greatly adored by men.
4.       The best buddy- Men always complain of women not giving them enough space. A woman who is a man’s best buddy and understands him very well giving him the space he wants is definitely the one a man would love dating.
5.       The ‘smilester’- Women who are bitching about other women, crying, fretting and whining are the last kinds of women a man would want to date. Any woman who loves to laugh and live life cheerfully is the one a man would never be able to resist. The fun loving girl who believes in living life to the fullest and seldom sheds a tear is a man’s dream girl.


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