How relationships work

How relationships work

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kinds of men, women get most attracted to!

The guys are considered to be ones who easily for fall for any woman, but did you know that there are certain kinds of men, women get easily attracted to? If not then look below for the guide that tells you about the men, women fall for most easily!
1.       The Romantic guy: He is the kind of man every woman wants to be with! Women loved to be pampered and told that how beautiful/nice/lovely they are! Surprises are one thing that wins away their hearts. The romantic guy is the one who surprises his girl not only with flowers and gifts but also walks hand in hand even on the busiest of streets. He is the one who gives soft kisses over the forehead and looks lovingly into her eyes. This is the kind of man any woman would fall for!
2.       The Super-confident guy: The super confident guys are the ones who carry themselves confidently and hardly care about what other men are doing. He is confident in himself and doesn’t hang his tongue out for every other girl. There is something mysteriously sexy about them that attracts women and drives them crazy! They are sometimes misunderstood as the arrogant ones, but being in relationship with these guys is definitely one cake walk!
3.       The Artistic guy: The artistic guy is the creative one. He sings/paints or plays an instrument to her girl’s delight. He loves doing creative things and thinks ‘out of the box’, a quality every girl would fall for! When he plans surprises they are the ‘real’ surprises that will sweep women off their feet!
4.       The Funny guy: Who doesn’t like to laugh and women are no different. The funny guy is the one who will laugh and make you laugh. Life seems to be a joy ride with this kind of men. Women most easily fall for these men as they connect instantly with women and are not only great friends but ardent lovers too!
5.       The gentleman-like mature guy: These kinds of men are every woman’s dream man. Any girl would want to settle for the mature gentleman-like guy. He is the one who is responsible, mature, well-settled and handles the relationship maturely. He is the perfect husband material and women eventually would like to settle down with him.

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