How relationships work

How relationships work

Saturday, 11 June 2011

5 Tips to stop your child from becoming a bully

There are many children who bully others at school and it is always good to counsel your children and advise them on tips to deal with bullies. What if your child is among the bullies or the leader of the bullies group? This is something to get worried about as your child might be harming many children at school with their bossy attitude and troublesome behaviour. If your child is becoming a bully you need to pay attention to him/her.
It is always better never to let any such condition come under which your child undergoes major behavioural changes and turns into a bully. The situations that lead a child into becoming a bully in most cases develop at home. For this 5 important tips are given below.
1.       Never be overtly strict with your child- This is something that must be kept in mind by you always. If you scold your child too much or reprimand him for every small little mistake he/she makes, this will build up feelings of revenge and make him irritable in nature. Here he/she knows very well that they cannot vent their feelings in front of you as they would in turn be scolded. These feelings come out at school with other children. They start dominating, harassing and bullying other children in order to show they are superior and do what they want. This is basically an outpour of all the emotions hidden in them that build up over a long period of time due to your scolding him/her at petty issues.
2.       Share things with your child- Every parent must befriend their child and let him/her outpour their feelings and ideas or thoughts. In small little discussions involve your child and let him speak. Respect his/her opinion and show your acknowledgement towards it. In such a way you will indirectly teach him to respect others opinions and views and will in turn prohibit all tendencies of becoming a bully.
3.       If you notice the signs, talk to the child- If you notice that your child bullies children, never let it go off. Speak to your child and find out why he does it. Tell him/her why bullying is unhealthy. Give practical examples in everything you say so that the child relates to what you are saying and believes in your views.
4.       Keep fights and arguments with your spouse confined to your bedroom- Every relationship faces times when disputes and fights take place. Keep these fights confined to your room where you can discuss matters and sort out things. Never fight in front of your child. He/she will learn from it and try it out at school. This is the first step towards becoming a bully.
5.       If needed take your child to a counsellor- If things are getting out of hand and you are not able to handle it yourself seek an expert’s advice. The counsellor is a professional and knows exactly how to deal with such issues. There is no harm in taking a professional’s advice or help. This doesn’t mean your child is ill. He/she just probably needs some guidance.
Take help of these tips to stop your child from becoming a bully and make him/her a polite and well-mannered individual.

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