How relationships work

How relationships work

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How to break up with boyfriend

Breaking up with your boyfriend can get really tough no matter how long or short the relationship has been. When things get out of hand and the relationship seems to have got messed up, it’s best to end it rather than carrying it on pointlessly. To maintain the dignity of your relationship it is best to part ways amicably rather than creating a scene and breaking up. For this you need to keep a few important things in mind that can help you deal with the situation easily.

The first thing to remember here is that avoiding the break up is useless. When the problem is big enough and needs to be handled, make it your first priority. Confront the situation. Talk to your boyfriend in person. Never send emails or text messages to break up. You need to give an explanation and talk over the matter with your boyfriend. Always try having a healthy discussion and don’t start up with a fight. Give logical reasons for the break up and explain things to him.

For your break up discussion never go to your favourite hangout. You would not want to leave a bad impression on others. A place that is quiet and free of crowd or too many people must be chosen for the discussion. Sorting out things in a private place also gives you less chances of embarrassment if thing become ugly.

If breaking up with your boyfriend was the last thing you could do and you are feeling really low about it, never start crying in front of him. This can make him feel that you are not strong enough to break up with him. It could also convey to him that you don’t want the relationship to end and you are not serious about the breakup. If you are happy with your decision don’t be too casual in your approach by laughing on his face or making fun of him. You should be polite and sensitive enough to care about your boyfriend’s feelings too.

Calling off a relationship can be tacky and dealing with the situation tactfully is what is required of you. So be patient, strong and calm while you handle the situation.

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