How relationships work

How relationships work

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The big relationship mistakes

A relationship such as marriage is full of both bitter and sweet moments. The sweet ones must be savoured and the bitter ones must be forgotten in order to have a healthy relationship. Many couples do their best and cooperate well for a long lasting relationships but some fail to understand where the problem lies.

Here is a guide that will take you through the big mistakes in a relationship that many people possibly fail to notice or miss out on.

The first mistake is when personal debt and loans management is not properly handled. The finances need to be well handled and discussed about. If any of the two messes up finances or is not serious about paying off debts then serious problems may occur between the two.

Friends are a very important part of one’s life and they must be there in all phases. Leaving or ignoring friends by any of the partner due to the other is not fair. Both the partners must get their fair share of spending some time off with friends. Just because you have got married doesn’t mean you’ll ignore your long time friends.

The third problem creating issue is ignoring the in-laws. If you are a guy it doesn’t mean that you will not talk to in-laws every now and then and will take help of excuses such as ‘I don’t get time these days’. Both husband and the wife need to give some time to their in-laws. If you are a working woman, catch up with your in-laws on the weekend. Call them up and see if they’re alright.

Another issue that may spoil a beautiful relationship is lack of sex. You must take time off from your busy schedule and cosy up with each other. A good sex life maintains the spark in a relationship making it last lifelong.

Ego is something that often creates troubles in a relationship. There is no harm in saying ‘sorry’, after all he/she is your spouse. A ‘sorry’ will not mean that you lost a war it means that you want to end the matter and patch up. Your spouse will take it sportingly.

So try avoiding all the above problems and see your relationship become sweeter than ever before.

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