How relationships work

How relationships work

Monday, 16 May 2011

Dating the wrong person??

It is very important to take major decisions of your life with utmost care and concern. You need to ponder and think over it before you jump to any conclusions. Similar is one such decision, the decision of getting married. Before you straight away jump to marriage just after a brief dating period, you need to see if the person you are dating is right for you. What if the person you are dating is just not meant to be with you? These questions might scare you, but it is very important to look in to these things before you get married.

If you are really baffled and don’t know what how to find out if you are dating the wrong person, here is a small guide for you to know the truth!

  1. You are unhappy mostly- If this is your general state of mind and you just can’t feel the excitement and happiness of being in love then you might need to think about it. Being around with the one you are dating takes you to another world. It makes one feel most happy and delighted and if you are not feeling the same that means something somewhere is wrong.
  2. You have changed as a person- You were always proud to be the way you are. Now if you realise that after dating this person, you have started to feel unhappy about yourself and see that you are changing, its time to be alert. This person whom you are dating might be trying to change you and make you feel that you need to change yourself. You must keep in mind that the one who really loves you would love the way you actually are and would never want you to change.
  3. He/she no longer interests you- If you seem to lose interest in the person you are dating, definitely there is something wrong. If you no longer are enjoying his/her company and secretly avoid meeting him/her, its time you call it a day.
  4. You start liking your friend’s partner- If you have started liking your friend’s partner and view him as the perfect one; it means you are no more interested in your own partner. This is a clear signal of you not being interested in the person you are dating.
  5. Small little issues irritate you too much- If little misunderstandings or problems give you second thoughts and you repeatedly wish you were not dating him/her, realise that this is what you secretly wish for. So instead of dragging this relationship, call it quits.
  6. Your partner compares you to his/her friend’s partner- If your partner does something of this sort it means he/she is telling you to change. Direct comparisons does great harm to a relationship. Your partner by doing so is giving you indirect messages that you are not good enough for him/her. Don’t let him/her do this and call it quits.

Before things become ugly, read the signs and realise that you are dating the wrong person. Talk things out and if necessary, call off the relationship before it’s too late.

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