How relationships work

How relationships work

Friday, 20 May 2011

In laws issues now solved!

As you get married you don’t only marry the person of your dreams you also get associated with the members of his family. It isn’t easy for the girl to adjust in to a new family. There are many small issues that arise with the in-laws in the process. She may like some and may not get along with some. There are few eternal issues that almost all girls face. Here is a list of them and how to deal with it.

·         Wanting to be best of friends- This is one issue that becomes quite annoying. The in-laws like you and want to befriend you. But in the process they might get clingy and you may seem to lose your privacy. They may seem to come over again and again for meeting up or catching up on lunch. If your sister in law insists on coming over and meeting up tell her you’ve got some work and are falling short on time. Things will simplify. She will either meet you for a few minutes and will be gone or will prefer meeting you when you have more time.
·         Not getting along too well- If there’s problem breaking the ice with parent in law praise them sometime to break the ice. Tell them on how great your husband is and it is only because of the great upbringing he got from his parents. If his parents seem to be too stiff leave them and focus on building relationships with other members. Over a period of time they too will start to break the ice.
·         Planning a vacation TOGETHER!- If this is one thing you’ve been avoiding there are many ways to escape it. Turning down politely is the trick. You could choose to say that you indeed have a great time together with the family but off late you aren’t getting sometime off with your mate so a vacation together might be great some other time. If you feel awkward saying that and can’t avoid that family vacation, opt for separate rooms in the hotel and cosy up in your room with your mate.
·         Money matters- These are very sensitive matters and have to be handled tactfully. Discussing with your husband will solve the problem. Talk it out with him discussing whether you need money for yourselves or its time you start saving money. Are there other members of the family who could give money to the brother-law or sister-law in need or is it really urgent for you to give a helping hand? Let the husband do the talking with the person in need or with his family and you’re sorted.

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