How relationships work

How relationships work

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Communication: The Key to Resolving Issues with Spouse

On the four pillars of trust, communication, honesty and love stands the structure of every relationship. Even if a single pillar is lost the structure of the relationship comes down. All relationships come with a package of sweet and sour moments. Where some beautiful moments add to the pleasant memories; some sour moments make up the not so good memories. With every relationship come disagreements and arguments. No two individual will have the same point of view in all matters, no matter how similar they may be and marriage is no different. When any one amongst the two people does not agree on a common decision or action, clashes are bound to happen. With these clashes come fights and arguments.

Nobody likes to sleepover with issues. So it is important to resolve them as quickly as possible. Resolution to problems can only be found if there is communication. It is very important for the two of them to communicate and sort out the differences. If they don’t resolve the issue and the matter, the relationship gets soured and weakened from within.

If you do not agree on some matter or there is anything that your spouse has said that has hurt you, it is very important to tell him/her politely about it, so that they come to know why you are upset. Only then can a solution be taken out. Shouting, blaming each other and pointing at each other’s shortcomings is not the way to deal with an issue, no matter how serious it may be. It is always better to sit down and talk about things when they don’t seem to be in a good shape.

It is also important to remember that a discussion is possible only if the two people are willing to do so. Even if one of the persons is not in a mood to listen, it is best to avoid any discussion as the matters can become worse. The other person, in such a case, may not take your discussion sportingly and become upset or even angry. So a discussion on the right time, in the right manner is also very important.

When you sit down to discuss any matter, focus on the core issue and not go in to the past and bring back buried matters. Focus on what is being discussed with an intention of taking out a solution and then closing the chapter there. It is also important to not start cribbing or whining about anything. Be patient and willing to listen and take out a solution. Don’t just beat behind the bush.

Once you have agreed on a common decision taken out with both the people’s consent, it is very important to then follow it. If you don’t abide by what has been decided then the whole discussion will go waste.

So whatever may be the problem always aim for taking out a solution through communication with your partner. This will strengthen your bond and avoid frequent conflicts and issues.

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