How relationships work

How relationships work

Monday, 30 May 2011

Getting back with your girlfriend

After sometime of your breakup with your girlfriend you realise that the relationship was too strong to be broken completely. You feel that it could be worked upon and not ended forever. Feelings of guilt, sadness or frustration start affecting you after your break up then it’s time to patch up with your girlfriend and get her back. Who knows your girlfriend might be feeling the same. In order to start all over again you need to keep in mind a few important things. A step by step approach must be taken in order to get back with your girlfriend.

The first step here would be apologizing for all the mess that took place. It is also important to ask for apology for your rude or bad behaviour. Even if it was not you who initiated the mess, you could instead initiate breaking ice with her.

Start doing nice things for her. Show her your love by sending her flowers with a message expressing your sadness or guilt for whatever happened. You can also text her a loving message along with sending flowers. This will draw her attention towards your gestures and true feelings. Even if she is not responding may be she is taking time to think over it or is probably is too hurt to forgive so soon. Give her the required time. Don’t force yourself upon her or act crazily by calling her up again and again or desperately pleading her for mercy or forgiveness. Wait for some days and do something innovative and loving for her. Don’t repeat the same flowers sending thing. Do something creative.

Once she forgives you and is ready to talk to you, befriend her. Don’t directly jump on to become lovers again. Start by becoming her good friend. She will most likely not deny your offer. Tell her that you both must forget whatever happened and become friends again.

Now as you become good friends, it’s been time take the next step. Remember to have patience and take right step at the right time.

When it’s been a while start showing your love for her subtly. Show her that she indeed is the one you’ve been waiting for. Show her your desire of having her back in your life. After showing subtle indications, see for the right time and talk to her one day directly about it. Tell her what you feel for her and that you had been really stupid in letting her go off. Tell her that you really repent losing her and would not repeat the same mistakes you did last time.

Now give her time to think upon it and decide. Don’t be impatient. Your loving words and gestures will resurface her feelings of love for you. She will come back to you in no time. Welcome her with open arms and make her feel she is and will forever be your special one!

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