How relationships work

How relationships work

Monday, 16 May 2011

Dealing with a breakup

Had a breakup recently? Is the heart break making you cry rivers? Are you just not able to deal with it? If yes then you surely need to go through what’s written next. Breaking up has never been easy for anyone unless you were never serious and have tried hard for this day. If you were madly and deeply in love with your ex and now the break-up is just getting over you, its time you calm yourself down and look in to the past.

Look at what was the reason for the break up. The reason for the break up must have been really serious unless you preferred breaking up just because he burped loud in your favorite restaurant! This seems to be embarrassing but not a reason big enough for a break up.

If it was infidelity that had forced you in to a break up, you must think ‘good riddance’! Imagine, you were married to him/her and caught him/her red handed. That wouldn’t have been a pleasant situation. You must think of the negative side of not breaking up with him/her to make yourself feel good. Whenever you get that horrible feeling of losing him/her, imagine what would have happened if the same thing had occurred some time after you both got married and kept happening again and again. That would have been worse.

Always remember a decision such as a breakup must be taken by mind. You had been ignoring his/her faults from a long time and one day you finally thought of breaking up. You took this decision practically and not emotionally. Believe in yourself that the decision was right. You deserve someone better. He/she wasn’t the last girl/boy on earth! God has certainly planned something great for you!

Remember whatever happens, happens for good. Someone really special, loving, caring and understanding is waiting to come in to your life. Believe in god. Trust him.

Apart from these methods you could also try keeping yourself busy. Divert your mind whenever you start thinking of him/her. After you have gone through the terrible experience of breaking up, talk to a close friend who feels what you have done is right. Your friend will make you believe in your decision and help you feel better.

One thing that you must never do after heartbreak is listening to those melancholy songs. Don’t listen to those sad songs or lock yourself up in your room. This will make you feel terrible and will never decrease the amount of grief you are feeling. Come out. Socialize. Talk to friends. Do all the nice things. If you are a girl, go shopping. If you are a guy, go clubbing with friends and celebrate your independence day! It will make you feel better.

Do all those things that help you forget the break up and live life cheerfully. Believe in the saying: “Somewhere someone is made for you”, and who knows he/she must be round the corner!

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