How relationships work

How relationships work

Monday, 16 May 2011

How to avoid fights with partner

Fights and disputes take place in every relationship. This does not mean that you are in a bad relationship. Even smallest of misunderstandings can lead to arguments and disputes. It is always better to avoid situations in which a fight can take place. Below is a guide separately for men and women to how to avoid fights in a relationship.

For Women:

All you girls now need to be alert when it comes to avoiding fights with your man. There are a few things that women ignore which leads in to unwanted disputes. Watch out this short guide in order to avoid fights.

  • When your man is back from work never start up with what went wrong the same day. Talk about nice things first and leave the bad things for some time later when he is relaxed and ready to listen.
  • Whenever you start telling something that has happened to you, never go on and on and on. He will stop listening to you. Be short and precise.
  • Remember men do less of emotional outpour. If your man seems disturbed, ask him politely if anything went wrong. If he is not in a mood to share with you don’t nag him saying ‘You never tell me anything’. He needs time to open up.
  • Space is a big issue in most relationship. Your man needs ‘his’ time out. So don’t complain frequently that he doesn’t give time to you and hangs out with his friends. If that is a problem, talk to him politely when he is in a mood to listen.
  • When you are discussing any issue never go in to the past counting on the things he did wrong. This will turn him off and a fight can start. Be in the present and stick to the topic being discussed.
  • Men like women who are smiling most of the time and appear happy. A cranky, irritable and nagging wife/girlfriend is the last thing a man would want.

For Men:

Women are the softer and more emotional beings on planet. Check out this guide for a better understanding with your girl.

  • Your girl is soft at heart and will outpour her feelings more often. Give her a lending ear. Listening will help.
  • When your girlfriend is in a mood to tell you something that went wrong she doesn’t necessarily mean: “I need a solution”. Maybe she just wants to share her feelings with you.
  • When your girlfriend/wife asks you how she is looking, she needs to hear more positives. Her negatives must be told politely and not very often.
  • Girls need comfort through words. Provide them with some.
  • While you make love with her never pounce on her with your devilish intentions. For girls, making love is a way to connect emotionally. Give her the assurance that you love her from all your heart and that she is secured in your arms.
  • When your girl is talking to you give her verbal nods to tell that you ARE listening to her. Don’t pretend; she will catch you. If you are not in a mood to talk tell her politely.
  • If you plan to party every night with friends or ignore her when your favorite sports match series are telecasted she will be fuming with anger. Take some time off everyday for her and she will not complain.
  • Never lie to her. This is something that puts off almost all girls on the planet. If you are going to be back home late tell her so. If you are having very hectic office timings these days, make all that up on the weekend, she will forget the weekdays.
  • If your girl cries, that doesn’t mean she is weak. She probably is quite disturbed and is crying her heart out to feel better. This is their way of feeling better. So you’ve got to accept it. Comfort her and tell that you are always there for her, she will feel better.

We often say men and from Mars and women are from Venus, but why do we forget that both live on earth! So a little change in attitude can make things work magically!

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