How relationships work

How relationships work

Friday, 27 May 2011

Bring back the lost romance

Life today has mechanized so much that people hardly have time for their families. Talking about the couples, they find it extremely difficult to cope up with their super busy lives. In such an age, love is taking a backseat and everybody is running the same rat race. This is the reason why divorce rate is going up and the unmarried couples are breaking up. It is important in today’s time to find out ways that can help you keep the feelings of love ignited in your hearts.

To maintain the special bond called love that you both share you will have to take help of a few simple steps. These are sure shot ways to bring back your lost romance. The first thing to keep in mind is that sweet little romantic gestures help a great deal in keeping the romance alive. These small gestures will bring a big difference. For example instead of asking for your car keys from your partner, reach out for them yourself by putting your hand in his/her pocket! It will be a surprising gesture for you partner. It sends mischievous romantic message to your partner making him/her feel the love. A small peck on the cheek or neck at a busy time of the day could also be a pleasant surprise. Before leaving for your office, leave a short love message stuck at the refrigerator or the dining table to let him/her read and blush like a fresh rose. Take help of such small loving gestures to bring big difference in your love life.

To keep the romance alive you would want your beloved to feel the love that’s there in your heart. After he/she is back from the office, opt for giving a head or even a full body massage to your partner! This will be fun and sexy.

You could also opt for preparing a small, simple yet delicious dinner for your partner, with great arrangements on your dining table. Bring in the scented candles, lovely soft air freshener, beautiful flowers all around and your favourite romantic music playing in the background while you both enjoy the dinner together.

Another surprising act could be dropping in at your partner’s office and offering to have lunch together! That will be a real good surprise for him/her. You could also text a romantic message to your partner on his cell phone during a busy day. They will not fail to notice your loving gesture and revert back with a cute message.

Gestures such as holding hands, giving soft pecks on neck or cheeks or winking an eye at your partner is a sure shot simple ways to keep the romance alive.

Opt for keeping weekends free for your beloved and spend quality time with him/her. Choose for a getaway every now and then with your partner and bring alive the lost romance.

So don’t wait for that big happiness to arrive and take help of such small little things to enjoy a great loving life with your partner!

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