How relationships work

How relationships work

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Long distance relationship advice

It is believed that a long distance relationship is difficult to maintain as it is very different from a relationship that has the two people residing in the same city. Due to the distance between the two of them often the spark dies off.

In a usual relationship, the problems can be sorted out easily by meeting each other and discussing it. Here there are more chances for the bond to strengthen as they can spend quality time with each other. This helps them have a better understanding with each other and the romance also stays alive.

In a long distance relationship, the main problem is communication. There is nothing like communicating face to face. There can be times when you get time to communicate over the internet or a phone call but your partner might be busy or vice versa. The communication gap could create differences. Hence, if you are in a long distance relationship it is very important for you to take out time from your busy schedule for your loved one. After all your partner deserves that time as this will be the only way you can carry on with your relationship without losing the spark.

You can maintain the spark in your long distance relationship with the help of a few tips which are given below.

  • Surprise your beloved with an uninformed visit to his/her place. They will be pleasantly surprised by your loving thought.
  • You can also send gifts or flowers to your beloved on her/his address and they will be moved by your romantic gesture. You could also send a personal message with the gift or flowers.
  • In today’s mechanized world everybody communicates through emails, tweets or posts. Here you can make all the difference by writing a personalized letter to your beloved and sending them through courier or post. This gesture of yours will be treasured by him/her.
  • Plan a romantic getaway and share your plans with your beloved. Volunteer to reserve tickets, book hotel and arrange for conveyance. This vacation could prove to be magical for maintaining the spark in your long distance relationship.

These are the simple ways through which you can show your love to your beloved who’s living at a far away place from you.

In a long distance relationship, it is very important for you to remember that the only thing that binds you both strongly in a loving relationship is trust. You must trust your beloved and cannot afford losing yours too on her/him.

Insecurities do develop when two people in love with each other aren’t living together or nearby, so it becomes their responsibility to maintain that trust on each other. You’ve got to be honest with your beloved. If you think that there are too many problems and issues building up and it’s high time you resolve them, then this must be talked over by physically meeting each other rather than discussing on the phone or over the internet. In a long distance relationship you’ve got to have patience to deal with issues that may have risen.

Always remember that a loving heart, a caring attitude and unshakeable trust could keep a long distance relationship go on rock solid.

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