How relationships work

How relationships work

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How to know if he is your soul mate?

Finding your Mr. Right is not as easy a job as it sounds. When you are dating someone, you know he cares for you, loves you but knowing is he the one with whom you can go for a lifelong commitment is a little tough. Though both of you love sharing time with each other but that is not enough. You’ve got to read the signs that show he is the one you have been waiting for.

The signs are definitely not going to be very obvious. You have to notice them. The first sign is that you usually get a soul mate after a big heart break. He is the one who lends you an ear and supports you when you are going through that tough heart break. He heals your heart after you’ve suffered the loss.

The second positive sign is whenever you are thinking of him; he calls you up or messages you. This is a sign that shows you both have that inner connection. When you are thinking of him, the same time he too happens to be thinking about you. Similarly, when you both are together, it might happen often whatever you are about to say he says it all or what he was trying to say, you speak it out. Saying out each others thoughts mean you share a strong bond and know what the other person is thinking.

If he understands your mood, knows when you are happy or sad might be another positive sign. When things become intuitive and words lose their significance, its time you think about him seriously. When you need not give him an explanation and he knows it all, you are definitely sharing a great bond of love and understanding.

When you can’t help but feel hopelessly in love with him and he shows similar signs, you should know this is your true love. No matter how different you both might be still you feel to be identical, it means you are made for each other. You know his choices are different but somehow you both still seem so similar in more than one way, you both need to confess your love to each other and commit for a lifelong relationship.

Read the signs before they go unnoticed and bind your selves in to a beautiful everlasting relationship called marriage.

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