How relationships work

How relationships work

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How to make friends

Making friends is not a rocket science. Some people find it very easy to make friends whereas some never seem to muster up courage to talk to strangers and befriend them. This article gives easy tips to the latter ones on how to make friends.

It is important to remember that you have to be mentally prepared and in a state of building new relationships before you set out to widen your social circle. So the first step would mean preparing yourself to talk to people you are not acquainted with.

Going out more frequently and attending social dos will provide you with ample opportunities to take the first step. If your friend, relative, colleague, room mate or any other acquaintance invites you to a party or a get together, make sure you go there. Don’t forget to carry your confidence with you before setting out for the party. Wear something that you are comfortable in and are sure of carrying it off with grace and poise.

Remember, people won’t be coming to you and start introducing themselves. Be prepared to take the initiative. Be confident and introduce yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that join a group of people discussing anything that you find most interesting. Contribute your opinion and share your thoughts. This will be an easier way for you to start making friends. If not all, at least two or three people will like you.

For making people like you, you must never take special pains to act or behave accordingly. Be yourself. Be natural. This works the best.

When you talk to someone make sure you don’t talk like a pessimist. Say nice things and show how optimistic you are.

Another very important thing is to listen. If you talk too much or don’t let the other person talk, you will end up leaving a very bad impression on the other person. Your mannerisms and conversations should be nice and polite.

Smile does great wonders. If you aren’t able to speak much or can’t muster up courage, a nice sweet smile can work well for you. In such a case there are chances that the other person might make the first move. If still he/she doesn’t make the move but smiles back go and talk to them. Smiling back could mean they are interested in you.

When you set out to make friends, do not be too judgemental. The first opinion you make of a person may not always be right. Be neutral. Talk to people and be open minded.

If you have a great sense of humour, show it but not too much. Small little jokes or funny one-liners can really help you make many friends. After all who doesn’t like to laugh? Anyone with a good sense of humour makes many friends.

Compliments bond two people. If you like someone, compliment them about it and they will feel nice. This will start a nice light conversation leading to a great friendship.

Seek help of these simple tips and you may end up making many great friends in life.

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