How relationships work

How relationships work

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Importance of forgiveness in a relationship

No matter how simple the word, forgiving, may seem; it has never been easy for everyone to forgive and forget. It takes a lot of heart and love to forgive and forget the mistakes of a person. In order to learn and practise forgiveness it is necessary to understand its importance.

Fights and arguments bring stress in a relationship. They create distance between two hearts. This happens because we cannot forget the other person’s mistake and hold on to it. This brings bitterness in the relationship and the bond starts getting weak from within. You would never want such a thing to happen in your much treasured relationships. For this it is important to start letting things go off. Try ignoring small mistakes. If this seems difficult, step in the shoes of the other person and have a look at the situation. This will help you see the other side of the grass and you’ll find that it is not always greener! Had you been in the same position like that of the other person, you would have also desired to be forgiven. The same could be wished by the other person. Now think how stringent you are by not forgiving the other person. After all, no body is perfect. We human beings are made to make mistakes and then learn from it. It’s important to take things lightly and not take life too seriously.

If you really think that the mistake made by your loved one is too big to be ignored or has hurt you really badly, just bring this into his/her notice. Tell the person politely that his/her mistake has caused you much emotional harm. They would consider it and think about it for the sake of the special bond you share. Here what is required of you is to forgive the other person and then head on for a light discussion on the matter. This will sort out things and make them simpler. This shall also strengthen the bond you share.

So, just keep in mind that nobody is born perfect. We make mistakes and learn from it. The only thing we require is to be forgiven. This gives another opportunity to improve ourselves and make the relationship stronger.

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